Man at computer with words: Business Ideas and Resources During Quarantine

Many of my clients and businesses in town have to “pivot” their business models to adjust to the quarantine. Here are some ideas and resources to help your business get through this time.

Do as much as you can online

Implement online ordering and payments. If you don’t yet have a way for your customers to pay online, now is the time to get it done! We helped Yosemite Wine Tails launch an online store in one week, so people could order from the comfort of their homes and have wine delivered.

Use video to connect with your customers. You can record live or standard videos to keep in touch with your customers during this time and let them know about any differences in how you’re doing business. Grocery Outlet and Bryant’s True Value are doing this on a regular basis, and it’s really helpful. Also great to see the families and faces behind the businesses! Think of small informational videos that might help your customers during this time. It will remind them that you are still around and that you care.

Use Zoom video conferencing. Connect with your employees, have meetings, church services, or maintain social clubs. It’s important to see faces and hear voices during our isolation. Zoom is easy to set up (just download to your desktop or device). You can host conferences up to 100 people for 40 minutes on their free plan.

Use Social Media. Be present on social media for your customers and potential customers. Make sure your Facebook Business Page is updated with your (new) hours and that you are checking your messages – both personal and on your business page. People are going to have questions during this time, and you need to be online and available to answer them.

Update Your Google My Business. Make sure you have claimed your Google Business Page and that you update it with your temporary business information and hours. Google also lets you make posts on your Business Page, similar to Facebook, which appear in Google searches for your business.

Accepting Payments

Pay Online Button with Mouse Hand

Let your customers pay their invoices with credit cards, or person-to-person payment systems like Venmo or Zelle. This way, you don’t have to go to the office or P.O. Box and retrieve checks or go to the ATM.

If you do have to still retrieve checks, deposit them with your bank’s mobile app instead of going to the ATM or Bank.

Talk to us if you need a secure invoice payment system on your website.

Resources and Help

Central California Small Business Development Center LogoThe Central California Small Business Development Center is providing business assistance for companies at risk of closing because of Covid-19. Click Here for more information and to request assistance.

The CDC is providing interim guidance for businesses and employers to respond to Covid-19. Click here for more info.

Click here for the OSHA Guidelines for Employers

Moss Web Works is offering the following services during quarantine:

  • We will put up a message for your customers on your website free of charge. To do this, we will need admin access to your website.
  • If you are an Oakhurst Area Chamber member, we are happy to modify/update your online directory listing free of charge.
  • We can help brainstorm and give you ideas on how to “pivot” your business during this time.
  • We are happy to work out a payment plan for any work conducted during the quarantine.

Please stay safe and contact us with any questions.