We’re grateful to work with some amazing people in central California and beyond, many who become friends!

Smiling man against green leaves
Donald Telian

There are many reasons why I’m proud of our mountain town, and Moss Web Works is certainly one of them. When my website needed some long overdue TLC, I was happy to discover that in Jennifer Moss we have an expert website designer right around the corner. Wherever you are, if you’re looking for skilled and efficient website help—with crisp and clear communication all through your project—look no further and contact Jennifer today!

All About the Tea Logo
Monica Allen
All About the Tea

It’s been a pleasure working with Moss Web Works. Jennifer is a master at WordPress and website maintenance. Very knowledgeable and an expert at troubleshooting issues until a resolution is found. I highly recommend Moss Web Works’ services!

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Mandy Robinson
TV Shows Ace

Before hiring Jennifer Moss, every day was stressful with something new that I didn’t know how to do. Jennifer has been able to take that stress go away by being simply one email away from fixing my problems. She does a great job on my 3 sites. Jennifer is always able to figure out a fix to the issues that come up and I highly recommend her.

Matt Sebert
Matt Sebert
Matthew Sebert Design

Jennifer of Moss Web Works is a hero to other web designers as well as her clients. I’m someone who works in the web industry and had experienced an issue with a project of mine. When I needed a second set of eyes on my problem I contacted Jennifer who, inside of a single day, found and resolved the problem that had stumped me.

I know that from here on out, when I need someone with thorough knowledge of PHP, she’s the one I’ll contact first!

Kyle Van Deusen
Kyle Van Deusen
The Admin Bar Podcast/Ogal Web Design

This week my buddy Matt called me up to see if I could help with an issue he was having on his client’s website… After about 30 minutes, I gave up.

He asked if I knew who he could reach out to, and assuming that it was a PHP issue, I hopped on The Admin Bar Job Board Directory and searched for PHP. Thankfully we found Jennifer’s profile, which not only mentioned experience with PHP, but also “troubleshooting WordPress quirks” — which is exactly what he needed.

30-minutes after getting her hands on it, Jennifer spotted the problem and instantly fixed what had taken nearly 2 days of debugging.

Toi Storr headshot, smiling
Toi Storr

I appreciate your business, and you have taken my vision of what I needed to do for quite some time and made it a reality! You’re a godsend!

Sara Wolters Smiling
Sara Wolters
Pomona's Universal Pectin

I’m so glad we found Jennifer! She was able to come alongside our previous designer in a website re-design project and start assisting, and eventually taking over the whole project. Her expertise sped things along, righted the wrongs, and advised on where we could improve. Now she is our go-to for addressing any website issues or fixes on an ongoing basis. Most recently she drastically improved our website speed by switching our server host. She is prompt, concise, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. We are very happy with her service!

LA Dunn headshot
LA Dunn

When I bought my website, I used it like a business card – just a place for people to find me. As my business started growing, more people started coming to the site so I would spend late nights trying figure out all of the plugins and widgets necessary to make the site look better. I wanted people to come back but even I was getting a headache from the crowded space, lack of organization and overall poor presentation.

And then came Moss Web Works! I had a one-hour consultation with Jennifer and poured my heart out. I shared that I wanted users to have fun when they visited the site and that I wanted them to easily navigate from recipes to retail to my podcast. Jenn was easy to talk to and insanely supportive. In 7 days, my site was fresh and upbeat. With just a few emails, she incorporated my ideas along with my brand colors. As we wrapped up the project, she continued to provide technical support and even created a video to walk me through my home page so I could make adjustments on my own. Now that everything is in its proper place, I feel free to create content knowing that it will all look great.

If you have taken your website as far as you can, turn it over to someone who knows exactly what to do. As small business owners, we are faced with so many decisions. Choosing to work with Jennifer and Moss Web Works was absolutely the right one.

Colette Goga with wine bottles and wine glasses
Collete Goga
Yosemite Wine Tails

Competing on a virtual platform, using a business website coupled with a strong social media presence is confusing and overwhelming. I knew I needed both to survive, yet at the same time really did not know exactly what I wanted.

From the beginning, Jennifer explained what how she was able to create my online presence in a language I could understand. Working with Jennifer and Moss Web Works proved to be the best decision I could have made. Jennifer always answers emails and calls in a timely manner, meets all deadlines and overperforms. She is professional, brilliant and amazingly creative. For all those reasons and so many more, I continually recommended her.

Headshot of Scott McGhee
Scott McGhee
Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad

We love working with a local vendor that understands the Mountain Community. Jennifer is very responsive to getting timely updates to our website when needed. We love having a partner that is willing to go the extra mile!

Carol Eggink
Cascadel Woods Property Owners Assoc./Cascadel Mutual Water Company

Jennifer and I had one meeting, and within a month our two websites were live for our community: Cascadel Mutual Water Co. and Cascadel Woods Property Owners Association. The residents who have used the sites love having all the information at their fingertips. They’re also an invaluable resource for realtors and prospective buyers.

When the Creek Fire spotted over to Cascadel Woods on Sept 5, 2020, Jennifer called me and asked if we would like a banner notifying members of the evacuation. This kind of service is unmatched in today’s world. We could not be more pleased with her service and her prices. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to build a website.

Headshot of Ginny Burke, owner of Dream Faces
Ginny Burke
Dream Faces

Moss Web Works does an outstanding job in all areas. Jennifer Moss is a creative, kind, and patient expert who really listens to my needs. I feel my web pages express my business perfectly now that Jennifer has taken charge. She is always available to help me update, change, or solve a problem, which gives me the greatest comfort and confidence that my business is always up to date online for my clients.

I couldn’t be happier and am proud to be a Moss Web Works client.

Robert Lindley
Attorney, Retired

I should tell you that I just had a client say she chose my office because I had the “best website” which “clearly spelled out my credentials and practice areas,” and of course I practiced in an area she needed. I have never had anyone tell me that before. Thank you again for your able assistance.

Krystal Preciado
Preciado Photography

I hired Moss Web Works for two things: to redesign my website and then help with SEO. I really appreciate what Jennifer has done for the success of my website–and business! Yosemite has become very competitive these past two years and I feel lucky to be on the first page of Google for my targeted keyword. I have been getting more inquiries than ever…THANK YOU!

Russell D. Cook

I hired Jennifer at Moss Web Works to update and modernize my website. She promptly provided options and ideas and diligently carried them through. I recommend to anyone who wants to create or modernize their website to use Moss Web Works.

Steve Jeffe

Jennifer Moss delivered exactly what I was looking for in a website for my vacation rental properties. From the awesome logo to the clean and masterfully laid out finished site, my expectations were well exceeded. Thank you again!!

Michael Perce
Somatic Arts & Sciences Institute

I had been dealing with a recurring glitch in a website I manage for two years before hearing about Moss Web Works. It was such a relief to know that there was a very qualified WordPress expert in my area that I could reach out to for help.

I am so glad I did, because Jennifer was able to not only fix the problem with my website, but to make some much needed improvements in other areas like performance, appearance, and stability. The improvements she made in my website were such a benefit I contracted with her to help me start an additional web-based business, something I would never have been able to do before because I was too busy trying to fix the issues with my first site.

I heartily recommend Moss Web Works for your website needs. Jennifer Moss is very knowledgeable in the technical aspects of web design and has an intuitive insight into how a website visitor experiences the site. She is able leverage all of that in a way that benefits the business owner tremendously.

Maynard Magee
WIN RV Singles

Thank you for the wonderful WIN website! You did a fantastic job which increased our membership to this club substantially. It’s a night and day difference between the old website and the one you built for us. There was always a problem with the old website on a weekly basis. What a relief to have a website that actually works. It was such a pleasure working with a professional that knows what she’s doing. I would highly recommend you to anybody that wants a trouble free website.

Dee Ann Smith
Discover Yosemite Tours

Moss Web Works did an excellent job on my website DiscoverYosemite.com – It is functional, professional and according to our customers, “very impressive.” We have a lot of pages as well as links, photos and online booking and Jennifer was able to connect it all. The process was expedient and very smoothly executed. We receive compliments regularly both on the look and functionality of our website. I highly recommend Moss Web Works for website development and maintenance.

Wendy Denton
Wendy Denton Photography

Jennifer Moss, of Moss Web Works, designed my site and I am thrilled! I absolutely love my new website. The images pop, and the text I wrote shows very well. I would recommend Moss Web Works to everybody! In fact, I already have. See my new site at www.wendydenton.net.


Brian Casey
ComTech Inc.

When we approached Jennifer for the first time, we had only seen her portfolio page on her site. She listened to what we wanted and designed a page that exceeded our visions. Her services were prompt, professional, and priced appropriately. We are pleased to be able to offer her services to our customers as our exclusive web design partner. If you are looking or the right person to create or update your web presence, look no further. We recommend Jennifer Moss of Moss Web Works 100%.

Adam Graham
Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

Thank you for your redesign of the site. I love it and that redesign is a big factor in me being interested in pursuing the Podcast Awards, it really has helped a lot.

Jeff Boyd
Bodys by Boyd

Professional, talented and on target, Jennifer Moss of Moss of Moss Web Works is top notch. Jennifer was able to give our site the industrial look that we are, yet warm and user friendly to clients reviewing us for automotive repairs. Not only is Jennifer accomplished at web design, but also an accomplished writer able to help put what we wanted to say in words that flowed, correct spelling and punctuation. Our web site was up and running in a week, and helped fine-tune our site in a timely fashion when requested. What a talent! We would recommend Jennifer to any business looking for a savvy web developer.

Sheila Boyd
Sheila Boyd Fine Art

Best Web Designer EVER! Jennifer not only grasped the concept of what I wanted in a web design, but took the time to really consider what I was trying to portray in my site as an artist passionate about wildlife, animals and spirit, yet approachable to clients wanting me to paint their visions. She chose colors and backgrounds she observed as a common theme in my art, and designed a site that I could easily add to myself. I also received a folder including instructions, passcodes and how-to’s…as well as her contact information. My site was up and running in record time, and I am happily moving around in my site adding new art as it’s created. I would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer to anyone!

Sue Langley
Flea Market Gardening

I’m such a do-it-yourselfer, but making my very busy garden website mobile friendly was beyond me! When I noticed that more than half of my viewers were using mobile devices, I searched for a web designer to help me. Jennifer Moss of Moss Web Works was recommended by two friends and I was immediately comfortable with her at our first planning session. Within a few weeks, I had a new fresh design that meets all my needs and gives you a better viewing experience no matter what device you use. Thanks, Jennifer!

Gina Clugston
Sierra News Online

It was a daunting prospect when we needed to move to a responsive template and migrate our website from Joomla to WordPress–and to a different server. Hiring Moss Web Works to do the job was the best decision we could have made. Jennifer got the work done quickly, explained it to us in language we could understand, and delivered exactly what we wanted, ahead of schedule. Once we began working with the new template and wanted changes, she also got those handled quickly and without any hiccups to our service. I would recommend Moss Web Works for anyone needing web design. She really knows her stuff, and we are thrilled with the results!

Geoff Wilford
Incident Management Training Consortium, LLC

Jennifer redesigned our website from a ‘cobweb’ into a completely new site with a professional look and feel that expertly reflected our products and services. Throughout the process she was very helpful, responsive, easy to work with. I would highly recommend using Jennifer to redesign your site and on-line image.

Rima Runtzel
Sierra Local Social

Jennifer was extremely easy to work with and created a top notch site for our mutual client. She incorporated all elements that were requested by the clients and myself without the need for hand-holding or clarification. She also added her own interpretation of valuable features and information to the site, and wrapped it up in a beautiful and creative, professional and functional design.

Douglas Susu-Mago
Voice Coach

Jennifer Moss completely redesigned my outdated website and I could not be happier with the results. She streamlined it, added photos and videos, making it dramatically more appealing and accessible. She did this very quickly, yet communicated with me at every step, so that I felt like a collaborator. I recommend her work without reservation.

Jay Smith
Cyberverse Online

I’ve worked with Jennifer for over 8 years, and her attention to detail and understanding of Internet engineering, combined with her knowledge of website content development give her a unique set of skills that bring a lot to the table in today’s online world.

Jay Udani, MD
Medicus Research

Jennifer is an extraordinary person and highly effective technical leader. She was responsible for hiring the technical team and leading the development of the software system that was on-time and on-budget and worked very well. I highly recommend her.