Why your web developer should NOT host your website.

It’s tempting to take a web developer up on a package deal when they pitch to you that they’ll take care of everything–for a monthly fee. Included in that “everything” is usually web hosting–where your website files will physically reside. Why not just have him or her handle it? That way, you’ll have one person to contact for everything. It seems simple, but there are a lot of hidden dangers in this type of setup.

It’s all About Control
First and foremost, you are giving total control of your website to one person. One person whom you might just have met. No matter how many testimonials they have from previous clients, you’re handing over the keys to your business kingdom to this person. Is he or she going to be on call 24/7? What if they get hit by a bus? What if they’re on vacation? Who supports your site in the case of an emergency?

And most importantly…what if you’re unhappy with their services and want someone else to work on the site? When a web developer has total control of your website and files, it can be embarrassing and difficult to get it back.

Using a Web Host Company
Moss Web Works could make a lot of money being a web host. But we don’t. We believe our clients should use an independent web host for extra security and so they are not bound to go through Moss Web Works in perpetuity. We have worked extensively with many of the top web hosts and are happy to be your intermediary by registering your domain name, setting up your website, and even interface with the host in the case of an emergency. In this model, you are completely covered at all times. Web host companies have full support staffs with 24/7 support.

Nothing is Forever
We love our clients, but we understand you might want to use someone else in the future. That is why we give you full documentation on your website including all passwords, and how to make changes to your own site. You should not have to be beholden to us because we designed your site. YOU are in charge of your company’s image, branding, and online presence, and you should have control over who works on it.

If you want to move your site, great! We’ll help. You want to use another web developer? We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we’ll do everything in our power to make the transition a smooth one.

As for the Money…
Using an independent web host will probably cost you less, since you’re not going through a reseller. Fact: web developers resell hosting for PROFIT, nothing else. They are marking up the price of the hosting so they can make an extra $100-$1,000 a month on their clients who don’t know any better. Web hosting is usually charged per year, but should be no more than $10 a month–depending on your traffic–for a basic business site.

So What Host Should we Use?
Moss Web Works has a good relationship with A2Hosting, who has proven to provide excellent support and fast hosting. Other web hosts we recommend are GreenGeeks and NameCheap.

If you have questions about hosting or web development, please contact us. We’re here to help.

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