EASY! How to Export/Import WordPress Galleries

You may be moving a site from one host to another or recreating it on another platform. So how do you export all the files if you have X amount of galleries? Well my client had 5 galleries with over 100 photos each. I looked all over the web on how to do this easily, but couldn’t find anyone who could give me a step-by-step guide. So here it is!

1. Go to the original site and VIEW the gallery in full form. Since my client was using Jetpack with Carousel, I clicked a photo to VIEW the carousel so I could see the images in their full viewable size.

2. Right click and SAVE PAGE AS. Choose ALL or WEB PAGE, COMPLETE. This creates an HTML file and a folder of attachments on your local computer.

3. Open the folder of attachments and delete any file that’s not an image in the gallery. An easy way to do this is sort by file type.

4. On your new site, edit the page that will host the Gallery. Click ADD MEDIA, and UPLOAD the files from that Folder.

5. Click CREATE GALLERY and insert the gallery to the page. Update the page and DONE!

How frickin’ easy is that? No plugin needed.

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