Book Cover Design

Dish, Ditch, & Bitch Book Cover

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, our expert designers can work with you to create a professional, attractive cover design.

Not every graphic designer can create a great book cover!
It takes a unique set of skills, understanding the goals of the author, as well as the publishing and bookselling industries.

Your Book Cover should:

  • Be attractive and readable at ANY SIZE
  • If a series, have a consistent design template that can be easily modified per book
  • Be consistent with your brand, website, and fonts
  • Be appropriate for your genre
  • Be professionally composited
  • Be unique to YOUR book and YOUR brand (no stock covers or shared images)
  • Have all the fonts and images commercially licensed for publication

We have professional photographers and graphic designers that will put together the perfect imagery for your work. Fees vary per project. Contact us for a quote.